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Thank you and best wishes in advance. You’re getting married and you’re either thrilled, anxious, or just overjoyed. We are overjoyed to see you and would love to talk to you about the people you love and learn what this wedding means to you in its truest sense.

We must get to know you before your wedding day in order for us to determine whether we are the best choice to have the honor of recording your legacy. You can only discover your important highs and lows by getting to know who you are. You and the people in your life whom you love the most serve as our sources of inspiration. After submitting this form, you can anticipate a call from us to discuss your special day in more detail and see whether we are a good fit. I would be able to provide you with a quote that is specifically suited for you if I knew more about you.


The only source of knowledge is experience and I am glad to be a part of the wedding industry since 7 years and become best photographer in Indore .


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The mission is never about a shot, rather, it is about the unspoken stories that are part of the shooting experience. The search for something “epiphanic” lies within.

As a creator whose means of communicating to the world is a desire to compartmentalize the moments, I am all about things that cannot be seen with the naked eye but rather a soul that feels what cannot be spoken through any other media.

I’m still seeking for a metaphor in the material world. The realm I want is anything that can give me the room to construct what cannot be sensed.

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Portrait Photography

The goal of portrait photography is to express a subject’s essence, personality, identity, and attitude through the use of backgrounds, lighting, and posing.

Interior Photography

it is the practice of taking photos of indoor spaces from rooms to pieces of furniture Whether it’s white walls and clean lines or colorful furniture.

Still Life Photography

Still life is more akin to a painting than to what most people think of as taking a photograph. The subject matter is inanimate commonplace objects. 

Commercial photography

it involves photographing a product, or someone supplying or receiving a particular service, in a way that showcasesthat product or service’s best feafures and entices the viewer fo want to buy. 

Aerial photography

Platforms for aerial photography include fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, balloons, blimps, dirigibles, rockets or using action cameras while skydiving.

Fashion Photography

it is a genre of photography that is devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items It has grown into becoming a necessary way for business to get their work out to the public.


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